In many regions of our planet there are hot springs. The hot springs transfer heat from deep inside earth to the surface in the form of hot water or steam that means water under high pressure.

If the temperature of the hot water coming out of the springs below the 150οC the hot spring is called low-temperature spring (spring of low geothermal energy) In this case the water cannot be used to generate electricity. It can only be used to heat houses (central heating) or just as hot water itself. So the heat from the inside earth is used with the form of thermal energy in houses.

When houses are heated using water from hot springs no water heaters or radiators are needed.
The hot water reaches them through pipes from the geothermal factory just like the   cold one.
The hot water can also be used in swimming pools, factories, greenhouses or even for heating roads so as to melt the ice during winter time.

Most hot springs are of this type that means they are of low geothermal energy.

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