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Energy Project is only available in Greek.

The "Energy Project" is a new computer based learning environment designed and developed to teach the physical concept of energy in its entirety, in and all its forms in a single unit.
The principles of this constructivist educational design are explained.
The computer based learning environment has been developed using a  object-based, high-level programming language.
Effort was placed in designing and producing an attractive piece of educational software. Object-based, high-level programming language was used, and the new curriculum was implemented in it.

The computer based learning environment is addressed to
a)    teachers, who are preparing their lesson,
b)    teachers who would like to incorporate ICT in their teaching
c)    to students
d)    to parents,
e)    to anyone interested

And can be used from anywhere a net connection is available, irrespective of time and geographical location.

© 2003, Despina M. Garyfallidou Athens-Greece